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Loan Rates

Rates effective as of  3-6-2020

Loan rates are based on credit history.

Auto, Trailers, & Motorhome Loans

Auto Trailers & Motorhome Max Term Fixed APR
2011-Newer 60 Months As low as 2.99% APR
2011-Newer 72 Months As low as 3.19% APR
2011-Newer 84 Months As low as 3.89% APR
2012-Newer 96 Months* As low as 5.49% APR
2007-2009 60 Months As low as 4.99% APR

*Loans over $30,000 with under 40,000 miles

ATV, Boats, Motorcycles

RV loans Max Term Fixed APR
2011-Newer 72 Months As low as 4.74%
2008-2010 48 Months As low as 6.99%

Signature Loans

Signature Loans Max Term Fixed APR
Signature 12 Months As low as 9.50% APR
Signature 24 Months As low as 10.50% APR
Signature 36 Months As low as 11.50% APR
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Loan Amount

Loan Term in Months

Interest Rate

Your safety and the safety of our staff and the communities we serve are our top priority. Due to an increase in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, we will be temporarily closing all our branch lobbies as a precautionary measure effective Friday, March 20th.

Although our lobbies will be closed, you will always have access to your money at PHCU. Your money is also safest stored at the credit union, where it is insured by the NCUA. We’ll continue to serve you through our drive-ups, ATMs, and Online and Mobile Banking.